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Quality education that prepares agriculture and STEM majors to solve challenges facing our 21st century world.

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<p>Extension Cable lead story: Visitors admire lettuce growing in the DSU Vertical Farm.</p>
DSU Extension Cable newsletter

The Extension Cable newsletter keeps you plugged into current events concerning DSU Cooperative Extension.

In this issue: DSU’s Vertical Farm

<p>High tunnels, like this one at DSU&#039;s Outreach and Research Center, help agriculture producers apply precise treatments to and extend the growing season for crops. Artificial intelligence further optimizes crop growth by providing farmers with real-time data for planning purposes.</p>
DSU scientists receive grant to promote AI in Ag

DSU’s connection to the Northeast Climate Hub and relationship with Cornell University helped Drs. Rose Ogutu, DSU Extension Horticulture specialist, and Gulnihal Ozbay, associate dean for Extension and Applied Research, leverage grant funding for climate-smart technology in partnership with the University of Minnesota. This project aligns perfectly with the new USDA Center of Excellence for Emerging Technologies at DSU.

<p>DSU leaders break ground for the new ag building in the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology.</p>
DSU prepares for new ag building

DSU to build new agriculture building to support land grant initiatives

<p>Delaware Community Prosperity Summit</p>
Delaware Community Prosperity Virtual Summit

Community summit gathered federal agencies and partners to discuss services geared toward revitalizing rural America.


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Opportunities in Ag & STEM related Fields
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CAST Quarterly Magazine

CAST Quarterly magazine cover for Winter 2023

CAST Quarterly: The magazine chronicling news and events of the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology.

Winter 2023 CAST Quarterly

Past Issues
Dr. Ulysses S. Washington, Jr.: DSU’s land-grant pioneer

Student Opportunity Board

student in lab with beaker

Students in the College of Agriculture, Science & Technology (CAST) have access to various internships (intramural/extramural), seminars, jobs, co-ops, and experiential learning opportunities made centrally available through the Office of Student Services. Faculty, staff, and external stakeholders can also access resources here to share and create student-focused opportunities.

CAST Student Opportunity Board

Office of Student Engagement

CAST students meet USAID Administrator Samantha Power

Enriching the enrollment experience for students in the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology from admission to graduation. 

Office of Student Engagement

ameredith [at] desu.edu (Dr. Alex Meredith), Director


Research & Capabilities

The scope of faculty research ranges from molecular investigations in genomics to organismal research in plant and animal sciences; from ecosystem microcosm studies of pond water to food and nutrition sciences to fashion merchandising; and from habitat restoration to population biology and the tracking of songbirds, bats, marine and freshwater fish and shellfish.

Agricultural Research

Agricultural Research

Learn more about plant and soil research conducted on our 13-acre Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility. The facility also supports research in aquaculture, fisheries and outreach.

Natural Resources Research

Natural Resources Research

Learn more about our fisheries, environmental and wildlife research.

  • Environmental Cooperative Science Center  
  • Living Marine Resource Cooperative Science Center

Food, Nutrition and Dietetic Research

Food, Nutrition, and Dietetic Research

Learn more about how food and nutrition play a large role in your life.

  • The Value and Conservation of Bats  
  • Sweet Potato as an Alternative Agricultural Enterprise in Delaware

Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension

The Cooperative Extension Program at DSU preserves the 1890 land-grant legacy of outreach education in Delaware by targeting diverse audiences, with special emphasis on those with limited resources, to help them improve their quality of life.

Biomedical Research

Biomedical Research

Biomedical research at DSU, a collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavor, is primarily at the molecular, cellular and biochemical level and is focused on neuroscience, cancer biology and virology, biomedical imaging, and bioinformatics and computational biology.

Computational Intelligence and Applications in Mathematics

Computational Intelligence is a growing field of interest at DSU. Recent work involves the development and analysis of algorit

Computational Intelligence is a growing field of interest at DSU. Recent work involves the development and analysis of algorithms, computational geometry, medical images, machine intelligence and video surveillance.

Material Science and Renewable Energy

Material Science and Renewable Energy

When molecular engineering and clever processing are synergistically coupled, it allows the chemist to tailor complex hybrid systems that intersect the fields of materials chemistry and renewable energy.

Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR)

Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR)

The main goal of OSCAR is to promote multidisciplinary research and education in optics and related fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, mathematics and biology.

Student Opportunities & Scholarships

We admit many types of students into the DSU family, each with their own unique goals and aspirations. To help our students meet their needs, we have various opportunities for students to get involved with activities specific to their chosen field.

CAST Clubs

Clubs are a great way to get involved with your college and build your resume.


Student Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for students.


Student Opportunity Board

The College of Agriculture, Science & Technology (CAST) Opportunity Board highlights available learning and earning opportunities relevant to CAST student interests.

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