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Food Science, MS

MS in Food Science: The Master’s degree program in Food Science at Delaware State University prepares graduates with a BS degree in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, or Food and Nutritional Sciences for an excellent career in the high-tech food industry.

The Graduate Program in Food Science is a multi-disciplinary program that integrates knowledge in Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition and Engineering into the study and production of nutritious and safe food.

This program will provide students a unique opportunity to work with USDA-ARS scientists and have access to the state-of-the-art equipment at the DSU main campus and USDA/ARS/ERRC, Wyndmoor, PA. for their thesis work.

The Food Science Master candidates will perform their research projects and thesis defenses under the advisement of expert faculty in the Department of Human Ecology. USDA-ARS scientists are also willing to serve as co-advisors on students’ research.

The food industry and related private agencies for food safety are the largest and fastest-growing private-sector employers in the United States. Career opportunities in Food Science include: Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutics, Nutrition Labeling and Packaging, Food Analysis/Control, Sensory evaluation, Food processing and engineering, Food marketing, Sales and distribution.

Students entering the program must choose one of three concentrations: 1) Food Biotechnology, 2) Food Chemistry, or 3) Food Microbiology.

The degree will involve a minimum of two years with 30 credit hours of Advanced and seminar-style coursework. The Graduate Program in Food Science is a multi-disciplinary program that integrates knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Nutrition and Engineering. Students entering the program must concentrate in one of three areas: 1) Biotechnology, 2) Food Microbiology or 3) Food Chemistry. Background course requirements will normally be satisfied with completion of a BS degree in Food Science from an accredited institution. Students deficient in the background courses will be required to complete selected undergraduate coursework to fulfill these background course requirements.

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