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Optical Science Research Imaging Center

The Imaging Facility at Delaware State University is a multi-user core facility that offers advanced imaging and spectroscopy instruments together with scientific and technical expertise in optical microscopy, spectroscopy, and computational image analysis. The mission is to advance transformative excellence in research, innovation and education. As part of that mission we recognize that faculty research success is often dependent on specialized facilities that provide access to a particular type of research capacity, such as equipment, material, data acquisition, data analysis, consultation or expertise, and other services. Since its inception in 2008, the facility has evolved into a major resource for researchers within the university and outside. More importantly, it is being used for training students –undergraduate and graduate- in imaging techniques as part of either their research activities or academic course instruction. The overall goal of the facility is to facilitate and initiate cross-collaboration between academic researchers, industry partners in diverse and interdisciplinary research by offering broad range of services in imaging in fields of soft-matter, materials, and bio-chemical applications.

The goals of the Optical Science Research Imaging Center are to create an integrated research and education environment for researchers and students; to support and motivate cross-disciplinary research among scientists from different DSU and non-DSU STEM departments; and to provide access to companies and external users to state-of-the-art instruments and expertise for imaging and analysis of complex samples. A modest-sized operation, The Optical Science Research Imaging Center offers a quick turn-around time and a reasonably discounted rate. For specific imaging requirements or questions about our capabilities, please contact us.

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