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The registration deadline for all workshops is 24 hours prior to the workshop.

Upcoming Master Gardener WOrkshop offerings

Growing Food Indoors Hydroponically 

Monday, January 23rd, 10 - 11 AM on ZOOM only FREE, Debbie Nicol, Kent County Master Gardener
If you miss picking fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden, no need to wait for spring!  Join us to learn about the benefits of soil-free hydroponic gardening, types of hydroponic designs, and what plants will do well grown hydroponically in your home.  We will talk about how to construct your own garden, supplies you will need, and offer tips for beginners.

Learn to be a weed Master 

Monday, March 13th, 1 - 2 PM at Paradee Center- 69 Transportation Cirlce Dover, DE 19904 and on ZOOM, FREE, Linda Newsome, Kent County Master Gardener
Do you battle with weeds in your lawn and garden and feel like the weeds are winning the fight?  Although it is not possible to fully eradicate the weeds on our properties, with a little knowledge and a few simple techniques you can significantly reduce their number. Come to this workshop and learn to be the Weed Master of your lawn and garden.

Propagation through the seasons

Wednesday, February 15th, 2 - 4 PM in-person only -DSU Outreach and Research Center- 884 Smyrna-Leipsic Road Smyrna, DE  19977, FREE, Kate Ruffer, Kent County Master Gardener & Dr. Rose Ogutu, DSU Extension Horticulture Specialist
Let us introduce you to the art of propagation, including methods of creating new plants through grafting, air layering, and plant division, and the best time of year for each method.  Bring your own gloves, containers, and bags to participate in this hands-on activity and take some plants home with you.


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