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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, no workshops can be offered in-person for now. Workshops will be offered online. Once you register, you will receive a link to participate by email. We apologize for any inconvenience, however, safety is our primary goal. 

The registration deadline for all workshops is 24 hours prior to the workshop.

Fall 2020 Workshops

A Peaceful Autumn Garden 

Wednesday September 23rd, 1 – 2 PM FREE, Online Via ZOOM
The Peaceful Autumn Garden workshop provides information on simple fall gardening tips to put your garden to rest as you prepare for the next growing season. Included in the workshop is information on planning and refining next year’s garden, improving soil quality for the next growing season, and tips for planting bulbs and perennials. The workshop also addresses strategies for cleaning up your garden, bringing in tender plants, and pruning appropriately while leaving a natural habitat for wildlife for the cold winter months. 

The Kitchen Herb garden & Bonus: Herbal Gifts

Monday, November 9th, 10 – 12PM FREE, Online Via ZOOM
Wish you could keep gardening all year?  You can!  Learn which herbs grow well indoors and how to grow them in containers — from starting your seeds and choosing a location, to preserving by freezing or drying. Learn how to safely store dried herbs and get a few ideas for simple gifts you can make from your own home-grown plants.

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