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About Us

Research on Nanomaterial-based Integrated Circuits and Electronics (NICE) at DSU is an interdisciplinary research and center focusing on semiconducting materials and devices design, modeling, fabrication and characterization. 

Team Members with Expertise

NICE team members consist of faculty members from the area of material science, electrical engineering, physics, optics, chemistry and mathematics. 

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Thin Film Deposition/processing
    • Sputtering (PVD-75 from Kurt J Leskar), Photomask aligner, Surface Profiler, Rapid Thermal Annealing, Plasma Asher
  • Characterization/Metrology (Imaging Facility + Labs)
    • SEM, confocal & two photon microscopy, Lifetime Imaging, Raman microscopy, AFM;
    • Raman, FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, Fluorescence, LIBS
    • XRD, Ellipsometry (0.4 to 35 um), heated probe station, parameter analyzer;, thermal conductivity measurement system, infrared monochromator
  • Computational Capabilities
    • ​​​​​​​EXXACT GPU-based Server for mathematical simulations and machine-learning modeling.
    • Data Visualization laboratory.

Relevant Publications

Achievements and Previous Research Grants

  • DSU is the Only HBCU with Ph.D. Degree Program in Optics
  • Faculty – electrical engineering, material science, chemistry, physics/optics, data science, and mathematics
  • Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) from NSF and NASA MIRO Centers at DSU
  • DoD Advanced Quantum Sensing (AQS) Center 
  • NSF Partnership in Research & Education in Materials (PREM) Center- Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) Quantum Confined Materials
  • Department of the Air Force (DAF) University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) Tactical Autonomy- Partner