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Hacene Boukari, PhD

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Program
Department of Physics and Engineering
Delaware State University
Dover, DE 19901
hboukari [at] desu.edu


  • Ph.D 1992: Chemical Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
  • M.Sc 1986: Chemical Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
  • Diplome d’Etudes Superieures 1983: Universite d’Annaba, Annaba, Algeria.

Research Interests

  • Soft Matter Physics and Biophysics;
  • Biotransport Phenomena in Complex Systems;
  • Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena;
  • Scattering (light, X-ray, neutron); Fluorescence; Imaging, Spectroscopy.

Selected Publications

  1. S. P. Zustiak, J. Riley, H. Boukari, H. A. Gandjbakhche, R. Nossal, “Effects of Multiple Scattering on Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Measurements of Particles Moving within Optically Dense Media”, Journal of Biomedical Optics 17(12), 125004-125004 (2012).
  2. S. P. Zustiak, H. Boukari, and J. B. Leach, “Solute diffusion and interactions in cross-linked poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels studied by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy,” Soft Matter 6 3609-3618 (2010).
  3. H. Boukari, B. Brichacek, P. Stratton, S. F. Mahoney, J. D. Lifson, L. Margolis, and R. Nossal, “Movements of HIV-virions in human cervical mucus”, Biomacromolecules 10, 2482-2488 (2009).
  4. M. Ferguson, K. Prasad, H. Boukari, D. L. Sackett, S. Krueger, E. M. Lafer, and R. Nossal, “Clathrin Triskelia Show Evidence of Molecular Flexibility” Biophysical Journal 95, 1945-1955 (2008).
  5. A. Michelman-Ribeiro, F. Horkay, R. Nossal, and H. Boukari, “Probe diffusion in linear Poly(Vinyl) Alcohol polymer solutions by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy” BioMacromolecules 8(5), 1595-1600 (2007).
  6. H. Boukari, R. Nossal, D. L. Sackett, and P. Schuck, “Hydrodynamics of nanoscopic tubulin rings in dilute solutions,” Phys. Rev. Letters 93, 98106 (2004).