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Administrative Profile

  • cwinstead [at] desu.edu (Dr. Cherese Winstead)
    Dean, 1890 Administrator, Research Director
  • malvarez [at] desu.edu (Dr. Marikis Alvarez)
    Associate Dean for Land Grant
  • gozbay [at] desu.edu (Dr. Gulnihal Ozbay)
    Associate Dean for Cooperative Extension
  • hboukari [at] desu.edu (Dr. Hacene Boukari)
    Associate Dean for Research
  • cwilson [at] desu.edu (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
    Associate Dean for Academics
  • sbesong [at] desu.edu (Dr. Samuel Besong)
    Chairperson, Department of Human Ecology
  • kmatthews [at] desu.edu (Dr. Kwame Matthews)
    Interim Chairperson, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • smcgary [at] desu.edu (Dr. Sabrina McGary)
    Chairperson, Department of Biology
  • mrasamny [at] desu.edu (Dr. Marwan Rasamny)
    Chairperson, Division of Physical and Computational Science