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Textiles and Apparel Studies, BS

The TAS program provides students opportunity to develop professional skills in communication, analytical thinking, teamwork, and ethical behavior that sustain graduates as they apply management and marketing theory, and business principles to the global fashion industry. Students in the TAS program have opportunities to develop knowledge of retail functions, merchandising principles, forecasting trends, and textile selection and evaluation. Majors are required to complete an approved internship after completion of all junior level fashion merchandising courses. TAS graduates are prepared to address the production, distribution and consumption of textile and apparel products from a variety of perspectives: global, economic, social, political, technological and marketing.

Students have the opportunity to participate in summer internships within the textiles industry and earn variable credit hours. Summer internships with industries provide students hands-on experience in design, and fashion merchandising, and exposure to new products. A Baccalaureate degree is conferred upon completion of 125 credit hours.

Students entering the program must concentrate in one of two areas 1) Fashion Merchandising, 2) Fashion Design

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