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A Future in Biology

Focus your education on specific career goals or prepare for professional study at the graduate level by building a strong foundation in both traditional and modern areas of biology.

Department of Biological Sciences


The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences is to provide comprehensive support, resources, and academic skills that will allow our students to prepare for their career choices through a deep understanding of the living world, an appreciation of the process by which that knowledge was obtained, and the ability to add to that foundation through critical thinking, research, and experiential learning. Our students should be able to communicate their knowledge of biology to others, and use their knowledge to benefit themselves and society.

Our primary responsibility is to provide students, at every academic level, with meaningful educational experiences that create a relevant foundation for their career goals. A strong faculty commitment to developing biological knowledge and providing service and research opportunities is invaluable to student success. With a guiding principle of continuous improvement, the Department faculty and staff will work collaboratively to:

  • Integrate the scientific process, critical thinking, problem solving and analysis into our instructional framework;
  • Engage students in our courses and laboratories with active, hands-on experiences that promote deep learning and intellectual growth;
  • Encourage our students to be advocates for science and the power of the scientific approach as a way to meet the challenges our society faces;
  • Pursue excellence in research and scholarship to advance our discipline, and provide training opportunities for our students;
  • Participate in departmental governance and decision-making that is guided by scientific, respectful, thoughtful and demographic principles.


The faculty in Biological Sciences have continued to expand their research programs, which allows participation in research projects, the centerpiece of successful scientific careers. All students are required to do a Capstone research project and are encouraged to become involved in research projects as early as possible to develop a strong scientific foundation.

Biomedical Research & Biochemistry

Biomedical research at DSU, a collaborative and interdisciplinary endeavor, is primarily at the molecular, cellular and biochemical level and is focused on neuroscience, cancer biology and virology, biomedical imaging, bioinformatics and computational biology.  

Delaware Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)

Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research (COBRE)


Our faculty is committed to providing all students with the scientific knowledge and research opportunities that are essential components of a strong education as you prepare for a professional career. Our philosophy is to provide the opportunity and support so that each student develops integrative thinking, hands-on operational skills and the broad-based knowledge needed for success in the global society.

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We look forward to helping you achieve your career goals by working with you to optimize your college experience and building a strong academic foundation for your future. We will provide you with important departmental information and learn about your career goals so that your academic schedule for the upcoming year can be established. You will be regularly advised by the Advisement Center and/or a Departmental Faculty Advisor so that your courses are adjusted to complement your career goals and any curricula changes as you progress through the program. We regularly provide students with presentations on the exciting opportunities and resources available within Biological Sciences on the DSU campus and on professional opportunities external to DSU.

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