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Program Overview

Funded by The National Science Foundation (NSF), The Delaware State University (DSU) HBCU UP Implementation project—Transforming Education through Active Learning (TEAL) aims to broaden the participation of historically underrepresented students in the U.S. STEM enterprise.

Seen as a viable way to expand experiential learning to transform STEM education at DSU and increase the retention of students enrolled in science and engineering programs, the HBCU-UP TEAL Program ultimately assists DSU in achieving its strategic goal of Student Success.

TEAL includes two key components:

  • A peer teaching and learning model to support advanced students in developing the academic and leadership skills that prepare them for graduate school and employment.
  • A faculty development program that supports STEM faculty in transforming first and second-year laboratory courses by introducing students to research through authentic inquiry activities. The grant helps fund the redesign of traditional laboratory exercises to connect research to real-world problems.


The TEAL peer teaching and learning model engages qualified junior and senior Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science or Physics majors who become TEAL Fellows. Fellows complete the STEM Leadership Academy to prepare to become peer teachers and mentors. The STEM Leadership Academy (SLA) is carefully designed based upon theory and practice related to student leadership and peer mentoring in STEM. Through discussion, collaboration, role-playing, problem solving and experiential exercises Fellows are guided through a reflective examination of their leadership capacity in order to shape their personal leadership plan.

The STEM Leadership Academy offers Fellows an opportunity to develop the discipline specific knowledge and skills necessary to be effective peer mentors and campus leaders, and to successfully transition from college to graduate school and professional careers. By assuming a student leadership role as a peer mentor on campus, TEAL Fellows broaden their interpersonal and leadership skills through engagement, collaboration, and service learning. After completion of the SLA, TEAL Fellows are assigned to the first and second year core courses where they collaborate with faculty members to implement redesigned courses and to provide academic and leadership support to students enrolled in those courses.

Meet our TEAL Fellows


The HBCU-UP TEAL Program provides faculty with experiential learning opportunities to translate back to students, while building strong STEM partnerships with academic, government, and industrial agencies through workshops, conferences and presentations. Faculty will participate in workshops and conferences in the academic, government or industrial sector, to gain an understanding of the cultural dynamics, technical training requirements and sustainability of future STEM graduate students or employees. The primary goal is for faculty to transfer their experience into course curricula and professional development activities for our students.

Go2Knowledge On-demand Training

The Office of Student Success in collaboration with the HBCU-UP TEAL Program are pleased to announce that Delaware State University faculty and staff now have unlimited access to 100+ on-demand professional development trainings, as well as 150+ live webinars, through our newly acquired Go2Knowledge license! Go2Knowledge provides 24/7 online access to trainings that, upon completion, will provide you with a certificate of completion. Topics range from student success and institutional effectiveness, to teaching and learning.

To access these free on-demand trainings available, go to www.go2knowledge.com/desu and create your personal profile (username and password). Once you log into your account, you will be able to view the list of on-demand trainings.

Go2Knowledge flyer

TEal program staff

  • Dr. Clytrice Watson, Associate Provost, PI
    cawatson [at] desu.edu
    Dr. Anthea Aikins, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Co-PI
    aaikins [at] desu.edu
  • Dr. Delayne Johnson, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Co-PI
    dejohnson [at] desu.edu
  • Dr. Kimberly Milligan, Visiting Professor, Chemistry, Co-PI
    kmilligan [at] desu.edu
  • Dr. Marcel Poe, Director, CAST Advisement Center, Co-PI
    mpoe [at] desu.edu
  • Dr. Shanetta S. Lillard, Program Director
    ​​​​​​​slillard [at] desu.edu