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Biological Sciences, AS


Most students who choose the biology major at Delaware State University hope to use their degree to make an impact in fields related to health sciences, environmental science, or research.

Our biology associate’s degree students get a hands-on education through classroom engagement and experiments, with the flexibility to take electives relative to their specific interests. As an HBCU, Delaware State maintains a strong multicultural presence that allows our students to engage with a diverse population across nationality, gender, and language.


The Associate’s Degree will give the opportunity to explore the field of biology while obtaining their degree within a 2-year time frame.  Students who earn an Associate’s Degree in Biological Sciences will possess the academic background and practical experience to enter the work force in entry-level biological positions or further their pursuit of higher education (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree).

This is also a viable option for students who initially select the Bachelor’s Degree program, but later decide that a 2-year degree program is more suitable for them, or for K-12 teachers looking to enhance their familiarity with science.


  • Recognize basic knowledge across a range of biological topics.
  • Understand the scientific method and how experimental tests and equipment are routinely utilized in the lab.
  • Explain the integration between biology and chemistry.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication as a scientist.
  • Apply the field terminology in biology, chemistry, medical terminology, and intercultural communication.


This degree will serve as a ‘jumpstart’ for individuals preparing to enter the workforce. Careers may include entry level positions such as a medical assistant, pharmaceutical sales, research technicians. 


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Recommended electives: BIOL 310, BIOL 307, BIOL 370, BIOL 311, BIOL 315, BIOL 316, BIOL 317, BIOL 318, BIOL 320, BIOL 322, BIOL 349, BIOL 375, BIOL 407, BIOL 408, BIOL 420, BIOL 421, BIOL 442

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