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Cooperative Extension

The Cooperative Extension Program at Delaware State University preserves the 1890 land-grant legacy of outreach education in Delaware by targeting diverse audiences, with special emphasis on those with limited resources, to help them improve their quality of life.

As one of America’s 19 1890 Land-Grant Universities, DSU  provides integrated teaching, research and outreach programs. In Delaware, the extension program, located in the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology (CAST), is administered by Ms. Donna Pinkett Brown.

Under the umbrella of Delaware Cooperative Extension, state specialists and agents at DSU and the University of Delaware make research-based education available to all Delawareans.

Extension Mission Areas

DSU Cooperative Extension specialists, agents and educators provide outreach education to citizens of Delaware through these three mission areas:

What is Cooperative Extension?

Cooperative Extension is the outreach arm of the University. Along with teaching and research, it is essential to the 3-part land-grant mission.

Learn how and why land-grant universities came to be.

U.S. Sen. Justin Morrill is the author of the 1862 and 1890 Morrill Acts that established land-grant institutions. In 2015, the 1890 Land-Grant System marked 125 years of providing access and enhancing opportunities!

Cooperative Extension Education in Agriculture, 4-H and Home Economics, Delaware State University, University of Delaware and United States Department of Agriculture cooperating, Dr. Dyremple B. Marsh, Dean and Administrator. It is the policy of Delaware Cooperative Extension that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, disability, age, or national origin.