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Cooperative Research

Research in the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology (CAST) at  Delaware State University encompasses the breadth of agriculture, natural resources, natural sciences, human ecology and technology. The college is endowed with highly trained research faculty, of which more than 98% hold terminal degrees in their respective disciplines. CAST collaborates with both the public and private sectors, and with foundations in research partnerships that transcend the capability of any single academic institution. 

CAST Faculty and their Research

CAST faculty engage in an array of research from molecular investigations in genomics to organismal research in plant and animal sciences; from restoration of devastated habitats in the National Estuarine Research Reserve to mapping of Phragmites species in coastal Delaware; and from oyster restoration and water quality studies to tracking and ecobiology of marine and freshwater finfish in Delaware Bay.

The college is also well known for its agricultural mammal research, especially small ruminants, and it houses the only aquaculture research and demonstration facility in the State of Delaware. The Claude E. Phillips Herbarium, which is also housed in the College, is a revered resource for taxonomic classification of plant species, collection of rare and endangered species, and preservation and long term storage of plant species. It is one of the best herbaria in the United States and the largest at an HBCU. 

CAST Facilities

CAST is endowed with resources and capabilities that promote a conducive environment for research. Research resources in the college include:

Research Focus Areas

Land Grant Research projects in the College of Agriculture, Science and Technology can be categorized into five major broad areas:  

  • Agricultural Research
  • Aquaculture Research and Demonstration
  • Biomedical Research
  • Computational Intelligence and Applications in Mathematics
  • Food, Nutrition and Dietetic Research
  • Natural Resources Research
  • Material Science and Renewable Energy
  • Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR)
  • Textile and Fashion Merchandising Research