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Yanan Xu, PhD

yanan xuAssistant Professor
1200 N. Dupont Hwy
yxu [at] desu.edu


  • 2022 – Present   Assistant Professor, Division of Physics and Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Delaware State University, Dover, DE
  • 2017 – 2022    Visiting Assistant Professor, Division of Physics and Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Delaware State University, Dover, DE

Research Interests

  • Ferroelectric Materials Behaviors Modeling
  • Microbolometers Simulation
  • Semiconductor Materials Studies


  • “Ferroelectric properties of rare earth element doped HfO2,” $199,873, Air Force Research Lab, PI: Yanan Xu. Pending.


  1. “Magnetron-Sputtered Lead Titanate Thin Films for Pyroelectric Applications: Part 2—Electrical Characteristics and Characterization Methods”, Fathipour, Morteza, Yanan Xu, and Mukti Rana. Materials, 17(3), 2024. https://doi.org/10.3390/ma17030589  
  2. “Magnetron Sputtered Lead Titanates Thin Films for Pyroelectric Applications: Part 1: Epitaxial Growth, Material Characterization, ” Morteza Fathipour, Yanan Xu, and Mukti Rana. Materials, 1(22), 2024. https://doi.org/10.3390/ma17010221
  3. “Electro-thermal numerical analysis of microbolometer over various kinds of design structure under adjustable thermal conductance in the Microeletromechanical system”, Yanan Xu, Mukti Rana, Kevin Diaz-Aponte. Heliyon, 2023 Mar 24; 9(4): e14886. DOI: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e14886.
  4. “Design and Simulation of Microbolometer with Dual Cavity for High Figure of Merits”,  Kevin Diaz-Aponte, Yanan Xu, Mukti Rana. Micromachines (Basel), 2023 Apr 27; 14(5): 948. DOI: 10.3390/mi14050948.
  5. “2D-Modeling for the temperature composition dependent thermal-conductivity of AlmNn compounded semiconductor materials”, Yanan Xu, Mukti Rana, Matthew C. Tanzy. Materials Research Express, 7(6), 065901, 2020.
  6. “Raman soliton in Nanoscale Opticla Waveguides, with metamaterials, having Polynomial mode nonlinearity by Collective Variable method”, Yanan Xu, Ren Jun, Matthew C. Tanzy. Waveguide, 2018. ISBN 978-953-51-5998-8.
  7. “Soliton propagation through nanoscale waveguides in optical metamaterials”, Yanan Xu, Michelle Savescu, Kaisar R. Khan, Mohammad F. Mahmood, Anjan Biswas, Milivoj Belic. Optics and Laser Technology, 77C, 177-186, 2016.
  8. “Raman solitons in nanoscale optical waveguides, with metamaterials, having polynomial law nonlinearity”, Yanan Xu, Pablo Suarez, Daniela Milovic, M. F. Mahmood, Kaisar R. Khan, Anjan Biswas and Milivoj Belic. J. of Modern Optics. Vol. 63, 2016. P. 32-37.
  9. “Bright and exotic solitons in optical metamaterials by semi-inverse variational principle”, Yanan Xu; Jose Vega-Guzman; Daniela Milovic; Mohammad Mirzazadeh; Mostafa Eslami; Mohammad Mahmood; Anjan Biswas and Milivoj Belic. Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials., Vol. 24, No. 4(2015) 1550042 (19 pages)
  10. “Optical Solitons in Multi-Dimensions with Spatio-Temporal Dispersion and Non-Kerr Law Nonlinearity”, Yanan Xu, Zlatko Jovanoski, Abdelaziz Bouasla, Houria Moraru and Anjan Biswas. J. Nonlinear Optic. Phys. Mat., Vol. 22 No. 3(2013) [30 pages]
  11. “Super-Gausian Solitons in Optical Metamaterials Using Collective Variables. Journal of Computational and Theo.”, Marija Veljkovic, Yanan Xu, Daniela Milovic, M.F. Mahmood, Anjan Biswas and Milivoj R. Belic. Nanoscience. 12(12) 2015 P.5119-5124
  12. “Bright solitons in optical metameterials by traveling wave hypothesis”, Yanan Xu, Qin Zhou, Ali H. Bhrawy, Kaisar R. Khan, M. F. Mahmood, Anjan Biswas, Milivoj Belic. Optoeletronics and Advanced Materials-Rapid Communications. Vol. 9, No. 3-4, March-April 2015. P. 384-387.

Teaching Experience

  • MTSC-861-Real Analysis, Delaware State University. 09.2024-12.2024
  • MTSC-562-Real Analysis II, Delaware State University. 09.2024-12.2024
  • MTSC-451-Advanced Calculus I, Delaware State University. 09.2024-12.2024
  • MTSC-319-Combinatorics, Delaware State University. 01.2023-05.2023 and 09.2024-12.2024
  • MTSC-863-Functional Analysis, Delaware State University.  01.2024-05.2024
  • MTSC-511-Abstract Algebra, Delaware State University.  01.2024-05.2024
  • MTSC-452-Advanced Calculus II, Delaware State University. 01.2022-05.2022, 01.2023-05.2023 and 01.2024-05.2024
  • MTSC-411-Algebra Structure I, Delaware State University.  01.2023-12.2023
  • MTSC-317-Number Theory, Delaware State University. 01.2022-05.2022 and 09.2023-12.2023
  • MTSC-251-Calculus I, Delaware State University. 09.2020-12.2020 and 09.2023-12.2023
  • MTSC-471-Complex Analysis, Delaware State University. 01.2023-05.2023
  • MTSC-571-Complex Analysis, Delaware State University. 01.2023-05.2023
  • MTSC-241-Elementary Statistics, Delaware State University. 09.2017-07.2023
  • MTSC-125-Finite Math, Delaware State University. 09.2017-12.2022
  • MTSC-122-Trigonometry, Delaware State University. 09.2016-12.2022
  • MTSC-225-Calculus for Business and Social Sciences I, Delaware State University. 05.2017-07.2022
  • MTSC-562-Real Analysis II, Delaware State University. 01.2019-05.2019
  • MTSC-561-Real Analysis I, Delaware State University. 06.2018-07.2018
  • MTSC-075-Intro. to Algebra, Delaware State University. 09.2017-12.2019
  • MTSC-121-College Algebra, Delaware State University. 01.2017-05.2017
  • MTSC-101/2-Survey Math I/II, Delaware State University. 01.2014-05.2016
  • MTSC-431-Numerical Analysis, Delaware State University. 03.2021-06.2021
  • MTSC-351-Ordinary Differential Equations, Delaware State University. 09.2021-12.2021

Dissertation Defense Committee member

  • Kevin O. O Diaz Aponte (Ph.D. Defense-2024)
  • Mutasim Ismail Mohamed Nour (Master Defense), Graduated 2019

Work Service

  • Faculty Senate: DSU. 09.2023-Now
  • Course Coordinator: Elementary Statistics, DSU. 09.2017-Now
  • Undergraduate Committee Member: Mathematical Sciences, DSU. 09.2018-Now
  • Graduate Committee Member: Mathematical Sciences, DSU. 09.2020-Now
  • Course Coordinator: College Algebra, DSU. 09.2021-05.2024
  • Course Co-Coordinator: Trigonometry, DSU. 09.2018-08.2021
  • Judge at the DSU Annual Summer Research Symposium, 07.2018-07.2023
  • Judge for the FIRST Tech Challenge, 03.2022 and 03.2023
  • Problem Based Learning Editing Support: Mathematical Sciences, DSU. 01.2019-12.2022
  • Judge for virtual Summer Research Symposium, DSU. 08.06.2021
  • Volunteer for the Diamond State First Tech Championship, 02.03.2018
  • Online Course Developer: Elementary Statistics, DSU, Summer 2020
  • Online Course Developer: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences I, DSU, Fall 2018

Professional Preparation

  • Inner Mongolia University (China)  Applied Mathematics  M.Sc., 2012
  • Delaware State University, DE  Applied Mathematics  M.Sc., 2014
  • Delaware State University, DE  Applied Mathematics  Ph.D., 2017