Dr. Young-Gi Kim

Dr Young-Gi KimPrinciple Investigator: Dr. Young-Gi Kim (ygkim [at], 302-857-6535)

Dr. Young-Gi Kim was born in Wonju, South Korea. He studied polymer subjects at Han Yang University, Seoul, South Korea, earning a BS and a MS. After studying in the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Kim earned a PhD in 2003 in the Polymer Sciences Program (Plastic Engineering option) in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, focusing on the synthesis and application of fluorescent polymers, organic molecules, metal complexes and inorganic/metal nanoparticles for advancing nanostructured solar cells, PLEDs and fluorescence amplified biosensors. Dr. Kim has conducted postdoctoral fellow research in the area of synthesis and application of donor-acceptor variable band gap polymers for innovating polymer solar cells, CNT based PVDs and PLEDs in the Dr. John Reynolds group of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida for more than 4 years. For the past 25 years, Dr. Kim has gained extensive experience in academia as well as the industrial innovative roles for advancing modern organic and polymer materials along with the application in the area of Innovative Nano, Energy, Photonics, Electronics, Electric and Bio, covering the fields of basic science to engineering-based commercialization. 

Dr. Kim is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry at Delaware State University and is one of the advisory board members for the industrial sector. His major interests lie in the innovation of organic and polymer materials for the application of energy and organic electronics, including solar cells, batteries, supercapacitors, biosensors, and smart coatings.

Wafaa Abousamra

Wafaa AbousamraGraduate Student: Wafaa Abousamra (Spring semester, 2015 -)

Wafaa was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She earned a BS degree as she double majored in Chemistry and Physics at the Alexandria University in Egypt. She is currently a PhD student at Delaware State University and is currently conducting research in the Kim Group.

Allakatee Woah-Tee

ALLAKATEE WOAH-TEEUndergraduate Student: Allakatee Woah-Tee, Fall semester, 2018 -)

AW came from Baltimore. She is currently a Senior double majoring in Chemistry and Psychology. She chose those two because she has a strong love for math and I also find studying human behaviors very interesting. Outside of school AW loves shopping and spending time with family. 

Past Members

Dan Yang

Dan YangGraduate Student: Dan Yang (Fall semester, 2015 -)

Dan Yang was born in Tianjin City and grew up in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. Dan received her B.S. degree in the Department of Chemistry at the Delaware State University in 2014. Dan is interested in the field of Modern Organic Chemistry and is researching in Dr. Kim’s research group. Dan is currently looking for a MS degree from the Department of Chemistry at Delaware State University in 2017. Dan’s hobbies include music and painting.

Omar Melton

Omar MeltonGraduate Student: Omar Melton (Fall semester, 2015 -)

Omar Talib Melton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Omar has studied at Penn State’s Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization. While there he learned material processing and fabrication techniques for various nanodevices. Omar received his AS and BA degree in Nanotechnology and Chemistry, respectively, as well as earning a minor in Mathematics from Cheyney University, PA. He has research experience in data analysis (2008), dye sensitized solar cells (2010), farmed fish nutrition (2011) and plant based drug discovery (2012).  Omar has also worked for Johnson and Johnson doing cleaning validation and Carson Valley Children’s Aid as a math teacher prior to enrollment at Delaware State.

As a member of Dr. Kim’s Group, Omar is looking for a MS degree in Applied Chemistry and is working in the fields of advanced energy and organic electronics. Omar believes the best kind of fiction is science fiction.

Kyung Min Lee

Kyung Min LeeUndergraduate Student: Kyung Min Lee (Fall semester, 2016 -)

Kyung Min Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her hobbies include listening to music and playing sports.

Seong Hyun Bae

Seong Hyun Bae Undergraduate Student: Seong Hyun Bae (Fall semester, 2016 -)

Seong Hyun Bae was born in South Korea.

Shehu Isah

Shehu Isah Graduate Student: Shehu Isah (Spring semester, 2017 -)

Shehu was born in Midwestern Nigeria and earned a BS degree in industrial chemistry from the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa university, Bauchi, Nigeria and an MS degree in industrial chemistry from the Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nigeria. Shehu started his PhD program at the Florida institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL in Falls 2015 where he conducted research on the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) material and application of aquatic macrophytes for AgNP phytoremediation. He also conducted research on the synthesis and characterization of transition aluminas ((η, γ, δ-Al2O3) for application in catalytic hydrosilation. Shehu has teaching and supervising experiences in general / organic chemistry and in undergraduate chemistry laboratory sessions, respectively. Shehu has published 4 articles and reviewed 2 articles.

Jisoo Kim

Jisoo KimUndergraduate Student: Jisoo Kim (Spring semester, 2017 -)

Jisoo was born in Daejeon, South Korea. He is currently senior in chemistry major at Delaware State University. He enjoys listening music.

Queenie Tecson

Queenie TecsonUndergraduate Student: Queenie Tecson (Spring semester, 2017 -)

Queenie was born in the Philippines and earned her associate’s degree in dental hygiene. Queenie is currently in the Department of Chemistry pursuing her educational career towards dentistry.

Suhyun Nam

Suhyun NamSuhyun Nam (“Su”) was born in South Korea. Currently, Su is studying chemistry and biology subjects. Her hobbies include editing videos and writing a novel. Su is trying to upload Youtube channel from time to time.