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Dennis McIntosh, Ph.D.

Dennis McIntosh

Professor and Extension Specialist - Aquaculture, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Campus Address: Ag Annex, Room 107C

Emaildmcintosh [at] desu.edu

(302) 857-6456


Ph.D., Environmental Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 2002

M.S., Mariculture, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX, 1999

B.S., Marine Science, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Pomona, NJ, 1994

Research Interests

My research interests vary widely, ranging from general aquaculture – working with both freshwater and marine species in a variety of environments, from ponds to recirculating systems – to aquaculture disinfection technology.

Much of my work focuses on water quality and effluent management incorporating concepts of integrated aquaculture/agriculture production systems, including aquaponics. More recently, I have begun working more with shellfish in both research and extension capacities in an effort to provide support to the burgeoning shellfish aquaculture industry in Delaware.

Research Expertise

  • Freshwater
  • Marine Aquaculture
  • Water Quality
  • Integrated Aquaculture/Agriculture Systems
  • Aquaculture Effluents
  • Recirculation Technology
  • Project Management
  • Grant Writing

Consultation Expertise

During my tenure at DSU, I developed an aquaculture program that combines applied research and extension activities. The program’s mission is to foster the creation of a local aquaculture industry by identifying suitable species for use in Delaware and the mid-Atlantic region, and low input methods to raise them profitably, so that as the industry grows, it will be both economically and environmentally sustainable. Through this lens, I continue to seek out and secure extramural funding to conduct applied research and create workforce development opportunities in support of the local aquaculture industry.

Selected Publications

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  • Myer, J., H. J. Schreier, E. J. Schott, G. Blank and D. McIntosh.  (in preparation).  Examination of the probiotic potential of bacteria isolated from Fundulus heteroclitus in the aquaculture of commercially important fish larvae.  Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.
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  • Janiak, C. R. and D. McIntosh.  2014.  Performance of two egg collector designs for use with Mummichogs Fundulus heteroclitus.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 76(4): 399-406. 
  • Cornwell, E. R., M. J. Cinelli, D. M. McIntosh, G. S. Blank, G. A. Wooster, G. H. Groocock, R. G. Getchell and P. R. Bowser.  2011.  Epizootic Nocardia infection in cultured weakfish, Cynoscion regalis (Bloch & Schneider).  Journal of Fish Diseases 34(7): 567-571.
  • Kapareiko, D., G. Wikfors, J. H. Alix, E. J. Schott, H. .J. Schreier, D. McIntosh, J. M. Rash and O. Ukaegbu.  2011.  Interactions of a probiotic bacterium and a shellfish larval pathogen during hatchery larviculture of eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica).  Journal of Shellfish Research 30:437-458.


  • USDA-1890 CBG (FY2023) - DE Shellfish Aquaculture: K-12 Training to Support an Emerging Industry. $299,307, PI.

  • ASMFC (FY2023) - Encouraging Successful Recirculating Aquaculture and Aquaponic Systems. $105,132 (DSU $5,815), co-PI.

  • USDA-NRAC (FY2023) - Rebooting the Northeast Aquaculture Extension Network: A Skills Training and Mentorship Program for Extension Professionals. $230,904 (DSU $4,650), co-PI.

  • First State Food System Program (FY2022) - Visioning a Fisheries and Aquaculture Innovation Center to Strengthen the DE Seafood System. $46,674.08, PI.

  • Community Reinvestment Fund (FY2022) - Supporting the Economic Resilience and Ecology of Delaware Waterways Through the Creation of a Fisheries & Aquaculture Innovation Center (FAIC). $200,000, collaborator.

  • USDA-1890 CBG (FY2021) - DE Shellfish Aquaculture: Training to Support an Emerging Industry. $347,977, PI.

  • NOAA-SG Omnibus (2022-2024) - Delaware Sea Grant Omni-Bus 2022-2024. $934,361 ($89,991 DSU), co-PI.

  • NOAA-SG Law Center (FY2020) - Liability Protections for Shellfish Aquaculture under Right-to-Farm Laws in Delaware. $20,000 ($4,694 DSU), co-PI.


  • World Aquaculture Society (Lifetime Member), 1997 - present
  • United States Aquaculture Society, 1997 - present
  • National Aquaculture Association, 2001 - present
  • Aquacultural Engineering Society, 2008 - present
  • East Coast Shellfish Growers Association, 2018 - present
  • Delaware Aquaculture Association, 2018 - present

Honors & Awards

  • First State Innovation Team Award - October 2017
  • University of Delaware Cooperative Extension 2009 Award of Excellence (Team), Delaware State Fair Tent - Positively Outrageous Service
  • University of Delaware Cooperative Extension 2007 Award of Excellence (Team), Delaware State Fair Tent - Positively Outrageous Service
  • Delaware State University Extension Employee of the Year 2007 
  • University of Delaware Cooperative Extension 2006 Directors Spirit Award
  • 1890 System-Wide Integration Award - 2005 AEA/ARD Joint Conference
  • United States Aquaculture Society, Abstract/Travel Award - Aquaculture America 2002, San Diego, CA
  • W. H. Fuller Scholarship, 8/00-5/01