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Food and Nutritional Sciences, BS

The Food and Nutritional Science (FNS) program is housed in the Department of Human Ecology at Delaware State University. A baccalaureate degree in Food and Nutritional Science is conferred upon completion of all required courses. The department offers three undergraduate options within the Food and Nutritional Science program, Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Nutritional Science and Food Science.

Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD) Option

Nutritional Science Option

The Nutritional Science Option offers a strong knowledge base and fundamental understanding of nutrition principles supported by a wide range of courses such as chemistry, statistics, nutrigenomics, nutritional biochemistry, microbiology, and psychology to prepare graduates for careers in community nutrition, public health, food and allied health professions.  The program also provides an excellent background for those interested in pursuing graduate degrees in nutritional or food sciences and professional degrees: pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-physician assistant, and other health professions.​

Required Courses

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Food Science Option

The Food Science Option prepares students to apply the principles of science and engineering to better understand the complex and heterogeneous compounds in food. The Food Science curriculum meets the required core courses set forth by the Institute of Food Technologists.  Food Science applies the knowledge of chemistry, engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and toxicology, to the industrial and practical aspects of food processing, evaluation, and storage of nutritious and safe food products. Opportunities for food scientists include food safety, food quality control, food product development, production management, technical sales and service, ingredient management, research, and teaching.  ​

Required Courses

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