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Nutritional Sciences, MS

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Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences

The MS in Nutritional Sciences prepares students to work in the healthcare sector or nutrition research.  It has two concentrations. Concentration “one” is a stand-alone graduate degree in Nutritional Sciences for students who have completed a BS degree and do not need or seek the RDN credential. Concentration “two” is the Coordinated Program in Dietetics for students who want to become registered dietitian nutritionists (please click the link below to access information and the application for the Coordinated Program). With both concentrations, students can choose between a thesis and a non-thesis option (a report option).

The mission of the MS in Nutritional Sciences is to graduate culturally competent professionals with an MS in Nutritional Sciences who demonstrate competency in assessing, promoting, and improving health through nutrition intervention, discovery, research, leadership, and service.

Coordinated Program in Dietetics Concentration