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Foundation in Chemistry

DSU instills a profound understanding of principles in chemistry to succeed in an undergraduate program, graduate program and career post-college.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry strives to provide a sound foundation in chemistry for students wishing to concentrate in chemistry; to prepare students for professional careers and for graduate study; to provide a proper sequence of courses for those students preparing to teach chemistry in the secondary school or preparing to enter medical, dental, or other health professional schools; and to meet to needs of the students wishing to secure a knowledge of the fundamental principles of chemistry.

Majors in chemistry are expected to affiliate with the Delaware State University Chapter of the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates during their freshman year and to maintain their affiliation as long as they are registered in the department.

Students who select a major offered by the Department of Chemistry must complete the general education program as required of all students. Specific courses required for the various curriculum options are indicated below.

Curriculum Options

CHEMISTRY: For students preparing for professional careers in chemistry and for graduate study, the department offers a curriculum which meets the standards adopted by the American Chemical Society for undergraduate professional education in chemistry. The requirements for a major in this program are fifty-three (53) hours, distributed as follows: Chemistry 101-102, 210-211, 303-304, 305, 306, 308, 403, 405 and 407, and nine (9) hours of electives, distributed as follows: six (6) hours in advanced chemistry and three (3) hours in advanced mathematics or physics, or nine (9) hours in advanced chemistry. In addition a chemistry major must take PSYC 201; Mathematics 251-252; and Physics 211-212. Chemistry majors with biochemical interest are also required to take Biology 101-102.

CHEMISTRY PRE-PROFESSIONAL: For students preparing to enter medical, dental, or other health professional schools and who desire to concentrate in chemistry, the department offers a pre-professional curriculum in chemistry. The requirements for a pre-professional major in chemistry are forty (40) hours, distributed as follows: Chemistry 101-102, 210-211, 303, 305, and 403, 405, 407, plus four (4) hours of advanced chemistry elective. In addition, a pre-professional major must take Biology 101-102, 210, 215; plus three (3) hours of advanced biology elective; Mathematics 241, 251-252; and Physics 201-202 or 211-212, PSYC 201, and SCCJ 101.

CHEMISTRY MINOR: A student who desires a minor in chemistry must complete at least eighteen (18) hours in chemistry, distributed as follows: Chemistry 101-102, 210-211 and an elective, at 300 level or higher.

*A chemistry major who makes a score of 560 or higher on the College Board Achievement Test in a foreign language prescribed in the curriculum option, either prior to entering Delaware State University or during the freshman or sophomore year of residence at the University, will be considered to have satisfied the foreign language requirement for the baccalaureate degree in chemistry.