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Mathematics Preparation Program

Get a head start!  Register for MP2 and get the support you need to be successful in college.

As an incoming freshman, you are eligible to register for the Mathematics Preparation Program (MP2) before you officially begin your college career.

MP2 offers an on-line mathematics course that will prepare students for college-level mathematics using a mastery approach to learning mathematics.  The mastery approach allows students to “test out” of content areas they already know.  When students experience roadblocks, they will receive various forms of support, such as video tutorials, guided assistance for homework problems and on-line tutoring, before being provided additional opportunities to “test in” to new content areas.  Additionally, students will participate in on-line discussion with a mathematics instructor using video conference capabilities, have access to peer tutors on-line, and will take 2 in-person exams. The exams can be taken on the Dover Campus on a specified date, or can be taken at their former high school (pending approval).  These activities will help students build a solid foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts and procedures necessary for success in college mathematics courses and college courses with a quantitative reasoning emphasis.  Students may earn college credits toward graduation depending on the content areas they successfully completed on-line. 

Students attending the MP2 summer course will

  • Build effective study skills and learn the mathematics necessary to be successful in their college courses
  • Build competence and confidence as they learn to be independent and responsible while using the self-paced on-line approach
  • Improve their understanding of mathematical rules, formulas, and equations.

Program Options

  • MP2 offers the convenience of flexible registration options.
  • See application for program cost and details.

MP2 Summer Course Information

  • 8-week on-line Summer Program for any incoming DSU freshmen, or
  • 5-week on-campus Summer Program for any local Delaware incoming DSU freshmen
  • Application deadlines
    • See application for deadlines
    • Space is limited, so apply early.