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Food Chemistry Lab

Food Chemistry at DSU


The Food Chemistry Lab studies the 1). impact of natural products and bioactive compounds (lipids, proteins and phytochemicals) on nutrition, health and metabolic diseases and their controlled delivery, and 2). effect of processing on modifying food matrices, nutritional characteristics and bioavailability, and techno-functional properties. 

More than ever, consumers expect more from their food than just nutrition. This attitudinal change has been spurred by increasing evidence and consumer awareness of the relationship between food and health. Research in the Food Chemistry Lab focuses on understanding the chemistry of bioactive fatty acids, peptides, and phytoconstituents, their effect on gut microbiome, and their role in preventing and managing metabolic and other chronic diseases. Using current and emerging technologies, we isolate, purify, identify, and quantitate novel and functional compounds from platforms such as; traditional food and specialty crops, plants, underutilized resources and by-products from food, and food production.Research in our lab also evaluates the effect of processing on modifying food matrices, nutritional characteristics and bioavailability, and techno-functional properties. Another area of interest is the extraction of novel biocatalysts better suited for certain applications, compared to their traditional counterparts as well as their encapsulation and targeted delivery. The contribution of innate and added enzymesas digestive, and processing aids, and their role in managing digestive disorders, food intolerance and allergies are also of interest. We also examinethe development of sustainable processes for the conversion of biomass to biodiesel. Significant opportunities exist to address some of society’s greatest challenges by integrating scientific approaches to improve public health and wellness, and sustainable use of resources through value addition and green technologies. 


News & Events

9/2019 The book edited by Dr. Simpson, Dr. Aryee and Dr. Toldrá, titled Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries Adding Value for Food, Feed, Pharma, and Fuels, is now published online.
06/2019 Peace Asuzu successfully defended her MSc. thesis!
05/2019 Jallah Smith successfully defended her MSc. thesis!
4/2019 Peace Asuzu won 2nd place for her presentation on: Polyphenols and other phytochemicals from medicinal plants at the 19thARD Research Symposium (March 30 - April 3, 2019, Hyatt Regency Jacksonville, FL).
12/2018 Jacquiline Maina won 2nd place for her presentation on: Changes in physicochemical, nutritional and functional properties of yellow bean with processing at the Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (December 2-4, 2018, Kellogg Conference Center, Tuskegee University)
08/2018 Jacquiline Maina joined our lab for a 3-month internship
05/2018 Adeobola Gbadebo and David Adejoro of the Early College High School @ Delaware State University joined our lab for a summer internship