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Black History is US History

During Black History Month, the Delaware State University Cooperative Extension 4-H program sponsored a “My Black is Beautiful” presentation. The guest speaker was Mr. Harry Thayer, 4-H and Youth Development program leader for DSU, who gave an excellent black history lesson that inspired all youth participants and adult volunteers.  

Young people addressed the theme and their potential for greatness as future, contributing members of society. Their vision boards showcased their aspirations and thoughts of their self-worth and strength. The youths received recognition of jobs well done. 

Below, some of the 4-H members share their aspirational expressions of self-worth.


Terrell Holmes, II

Banks 12“My black is beautiful because I am a kidpreneur. I want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up and I have big, innovative ideas that I have now. For example, I made a cardboard model of the products I want to make in the future. And these products will be produced by my future company, Holmes Enterprises. I am also good with my hands. I could take a cardboard box and turn it into a sword of armor. For a school project, I made a bridge out of popsicle sticks and would glue. I am also good at soccer, when I am usually on offense scoring the goals. I love math and that is why my black is beautiful.”

Tiana Holmes

Banks 2

“Coming from a black educated family, I’ve always wanted to do something great. I always put so much pressure on myself to get good grades and be this perfect person. I’m not this perfect person, though. I’m human. I make mistakes sometimes. When I put myself to this standard, it caused me to lose confidence and be self-conscious. I always compared myself to other people, only seeing my imperfections. Then, with some help from my family, I realized that I can’t just focus on my flaws. I have to be content with who I am and who God made me. I want to also inspire others my age going through this. I have to still work on me first, but I still want to help. I have to embrace everything about myself. My name is Tiana Holmes and I’m talkative, nerdy, weird, funny and enthusiastic about everything. That’s why my black is beautiful.”

Tyra L. Jones

Banks 12My black is beautiful
Because God created me to be so,
I was given things artistic abilities to be somebody great,
it’s only up from here and I’m working to be the best,
I study hard and pay attention in all of my classes that’s why my GPA is a 4.4375,
I am passionate,
I am strong,
I am intelligent,
I am unique,
I am determined,
I am elegant,
I am loving,
I am a beautiful black woman
My black is beautiful


Banks 13

Matthias Sanon

Banks 5

“My black is beautiful because of my creativity.” 

Micah Sanon

Banks 6“My black is beautiful because of me and my family. My black is beautiful because I can be myself. My black is beautiful because me playing soccer and basketball.”

Sariah A. Sanon

Banks 4My black is beautiful
My black is smart

My black has love in her heart

My black is cute
My black is tall
My black loves basketball

My black is beautiful because I am proud

And as for me and my mind
I listen to the sound

Your black is beautiful
My black is beautiful
Our black is beautiful

Serenity A. Sanon

Banks 3

My Black is Beautiful
My Black is clean
My Black is Wonderful
My Black is me
My Black is beautiful
That’s what I mean
I Love my Black
It’s who I am
Who I’m meant to be
My Black is flavorful
My Black is smart
My Black is creative
My Black is art
My Black is beautiful
To be honest
That’s my Black to me

Alayjah Wanzer


“My black is beautiful. It is beautiful because I am really good at arts and crafts. I am creative when I do different things too. I’m also beautiful because I am good at baking and cooking, and I hope to open my own bakery one day. I love to use my creativity when cooking and baking. But my number one dream is becoming a professional soccer player if I make it there. I also want to thank God for giving me my smarts and giving me the gift of being good at math.”