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Kent County Science Fair

The 8th Annual Kent County Science Fair (KCSF) will be held at Delaware State University on February 28, 2019.

It is open to all Kent County students in grades five through twelve who attend a Kent County public, charter, parochial or private school, as well as to home-schooled students residing in the county.

Important Dates

December 8, 2018 Contact jjones [at] desu.edu to let her know you plan to participate & to receive paperwork
December 15, 2018 Submit any projects needing prior approval to jjones [at] desu.edu. Prior approval is needed for projects involving Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, Hazardous Chemicals and Biologics
February 1, 2019 Complete Application due including Research Plan
February 11, 2019 Adult Sponsors receive feedback from submissions
February 27, 2019 Set-up projects at DSU between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm
February 28, 2019 Judging of Projects
Judging for BioGENEius Competition (High School Students)
Science Demonstrations
Teacher Workshops
Awards Ceremony



Needed from all students an application and Form 1B

Needed for all projects

Needed for all projects

 Some projects may also need

  • Form 3 – Risk Assessment Form (Required for projects using hazardous chemicals, activities and microorganisms exempt from pre-approval. Must be completed before experimentation)  
  • Form 4 – Human Participants Form & Human Informed Consent Form (Requires for all research involving human participants not at a regulated research institution. If at a regulated research institution, use institutional approval forms for documentation of prior review and approval) (Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval required before experimentation)
  • Form 1C - Regulated Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form (Must be completed AFTER experimentation by the adult supervising the student research conducted in a research institution, industrial setting or any work site other than home, school or field)
  • Form 2 - Qualified Scientist Form (May be required for research involving human participants, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous agents, and DEA-controlled substances. Must be completed and signed before the start of student experimentation) 
  • Form 5AB – Vertebrate Animal Form (Required for all research involving vertebrate animals that is conducted in a school/home/field research site)(Scientific Review Committee (SRC) approval required before experimentation)
  • Form 6A - Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Risk Assessment Form (Required for research involving microorganisms, rDNA, fresh/frozen tissue (including primary cell lines, human and other primate established cell lines and tissue cultures), blood, blood products and body fluids) (SRC/IACUC/IBC approval required before experimentation)
  • Form 6B – Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form (Required for research involving fresh/frozen tissue (including primary cell lines, human and other primate established cell lines and tissue cultures), blood, blood products and body fluids. If the research involves living organisms please ensure that the proper human or animal forms are completed. All projects using any tissue listed above must also complete Form 6A)
  • Form 7 - Continuation/Research Progression Projects Form (required for projects that are continuation/progression in the same field of study as a previous project. This form must be accompanied by the previous year’s abstract and research plan)