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CAST Ag Ambassadors

The College of Agriculture, Science and Technology (CAST) Ambassadors Program is a student-mentoring initiative and public relations effort for the college. The main goal of the CAST Ambassadors Program is to promote the quality and quantity of applicants seeking admission to the college while supplying ambassadors with the tools necessary for professional development. Students majoring in agriculture, natural resources, textile and apparel studies, and food and nutrition are eligible to participate in the CAST Ambassadors Program.  

Goals for the Ambassadors Program

  • Encourage high school juniors and seniors to pursue higher education
  • Create opportunities for high school students to learn about the degree programs and related career options offered through the college
  • Introduce potential students to the array of degree opportunities and resources offered through CAST and Delaware State University

Schedule the CAST Ambassadors to assist at your upcoming event.

Ambassadors can be requested by middle and high schools for presentations and by CAST faculty to assist with college and departmental events and programs. For more information, contact Mr. Alex D. Meredith at ameredith [at] desu.edu 


Meet the current CAST Ag Ambassadors!

Christabel Aheto

C Aheto

Christabel Aheto

Hometown: Piscataway, New Jersey 
Major: Food Science 

Campus involvement: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., CAST Ambassadors

Career aspirations:  I would love to work as a health and factory inspector that specializes in food safety and management and get to travel the world.

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience: I was able to travel to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Poland and experience new cultures, as well as learn a new language and meet new people. 

Advice to potential students: ”Be ambitious, courageous, go outside your comfort zone and make new friends.”

Jalynn Brooks


Jalynn Brooks

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Pre-Veterinary medicine

Campus involvement: pre-vet club, DSU MANRRS, CAST Ambassadors

Career aspirations: To become a veterinary technician and eventually open my own practice.

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience…  Just taking the first step to come out of my comfort zone and get more involved with the campus by becoming an ambassador.

Advice to potential student… Don’t be afraid to do what you think is best for yourself. Take advantage of opportunities given to you and try to get involved as much as you can.

jabroooks17 [at] student.desu.edu (subject: CAST%20Ambassadors)

Elisha Buie

EBuieElisha Buie

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Major: Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Campus involvement: Pre- vet club, MANRRS, Curls and Coils hair care association, NSLS, CAST Ambassadors

Career Aspirations: I am aspiring to one day work with forest wildlife.

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience: Most memorable moments for me were making dean’s list and helping out with the fishing derby.

Advice to potential DSU student: There are so many opportunities in the Ag department, but to have access to them you have to network and get out of your comfort zone to experience them.

ebuie18 [at] students.desu.edu (subject: CAST%20Ambassadors)

Amia Campbell


Amia Campbell

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 

Major: Animal and Poultry Science

Campus involvement: CAST Ambassadors, National Society for Leadership and Success 

Career aspirations: Animal Physical Therapist 

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience: 

Advice to potential student: Get to know the people in your department. Build a relationship and network so you have resources if you need help or recommendations. 

ascampbell18 [at] students.desu.edu (subject: CAST%20Ambassadors)

E’lisia Davis


E’lisia Davis

Hometown: Camden, DE

Major: Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

Campus Involvement: Pre-Vet Club, Gospel Choir, CAST Ambassadors 

Career Aspirations: I want to become a veterinarian specialized in small animals, along with my own animal clinics. 

Most Memorable DSU or CAST experience: Animal Science classes and going to the farm to experience animals and crops first hand. 

Advice to potential student: Become involved and make friends. Stay focused on the plan that you made for yourself. Work hard but also make the most of time here at Delaware State University. 

Janay Davis


Janay Davis

Hometown: Dover, DE

Major: Textile & Apparel Studies 

Concentration: Fashion Design

Campus involvement: CAST Ambassadors, Republic of Fashion Recording Secretary, Resident Assistant at Wydner Towers

Career aspirations: Plus Size Women’s Designer and brand owner; Men’s Suit Designer and brand owner.

Memorable experience at DSU-CAST: I had the honor of meeting designer B. Michael

Advice to potential DSU students: “There is no triumph without trial”

jndavis17 [at] students.desu.edu (subject: CAST%20Ambassadors)

Alani Hairston 


Alani Hairston 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Chemistry Pre-Pharm 

Campus involvement: DSU MANRRS, NSBE, CCHCA 

Career aspirations: I aspire to be a pharmacist 

Advice to potential students… Go outside your comfort zone and figure out who you are as a person.

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience… Making dean’s list and finding my true passion in chemistry. 

Athairston17 [at] students.desu.edu ?subject=CAST%20Ambassadors">Athairston17 [at] students.desu.edu 



Ayiana James

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 

Major: Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Campus involvement: Pre-Vet Club, CCHCA, AMP, Cast Ambassador, MANRRS

Career aspirations: I aspire to receive my DVM in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and open up my own animal hospital.

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience: Just making connections with people I never knew I would become so close with. 

Advice to potential student: “As soon as you feel like you need tutoring get it and also be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” 

Erykah Leno


Erykah Leno

Hometown: Baltimore County, MD

Major: Pre-Veterinary Science 

Campus involvement: Army ROTC, CAST Ambassadors, AMP, Honors Program, Herbarium Research Assistant, Pre-Vet Club

Career aspirations: Veterinarian for the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps

My most memorable Delaware state experience… Traveling to Poland for a month on a study abroad trip with my peers. 

My advice to a potential student… ”It is extremely important to prioritize and have time management skills in college and life overall so get a planner and write EVERYTHING down. Also, if there is an opportunity, just apply for it even if it doesn’t look the most appealing. You don’t want to miss out on something because of pride.” 

ealeno16 [at] students.desu.edu

Michael Lewis, Jr.


Michael Lewis, Jr.

Hometown: Chester, Pennsylvania 

Major: Textile and Apparel Studies concentration Fashion Design

Campus involvement: CAST Ambassadors, Admissions Office Tele-Counselor, 2018-2019 Mister Republic of Fashion, 2018-2019 NAACP Corresponding Secretary, Advocacy 

Career aspirations: I aspire to be a luxury wear fashion designer and educator.

Most memorable DSU or College of Agriculture experience…My most memorable experiences at DSU thus far has been getting the opportunity to showcase my Jr Collection in New York City thanks to my mentor, alumni, & the office of students affairs. 

Advice to a potential student…”Choose your career path early in your matriculation at DSU and move in that direction. Professors and mentors are here to assist in molding you with your choice in mind. Persistence defines the Leader”

mllewis17 [at] students.desu.edu (subject: CAST%20Ambassadors)  

DaMia Nettles 


DaMia Nettles 

Hometown: Washington, D.C. 

Major: Pre-Vet 

Campus involvement: Member of the DMV Club, CAST Ambassadors, MANRRS member and DSU Pre-Vet Club 

Career Aspirations: My career aspiration is to be able to run my own practice dealing with livestock animals and household pets. I would like to focus on prevention and sustainability in the environment as well.  

Most memorable DSU or CAST experience: The most memorable experience in CAST was my study abroad trip to Costa Rica learning about sustainability agriculture during the summer of 2019. 

Advice to potential students: Take advantage of all opportunities provided at Delaware State University. Be involved on campus because it demonstrates a well-rounded student, and internships and jobs are looking for those characteristics. 

danettles17 [at] students.desu.edu (subject: CAST%20Ambassadors)  

Iyanna Webster


Iyanna Webster

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Apparel and Textiles. Concentration: Fashion merchandising

Campus involvement: Fairy God sisters Of Delaware, CAST Ambassadors

Career aspirations: I want to become a retail store manager, merchandiser, or buyer. Retail businesses such as clothing stores employ buyers to manage store inventories, interface with suppliers and manage purchasing budgets. 

Most memorable DSU experience… I was offered a scholarship to mentor and teach kids about fashion.

My advice to a potential student… “Get involved on campus and take advantage of all opportunities that come your way because you never know where life will take you. It is okay for a student to reach out for a student perspective.”