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Antonio J. Golubski, PhD

Antonio J. Golubski, PhDVisiting Assistant Professor
Science Center North: SC 150
agolubski [at] desu.edu


PhD: Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (2006)

BS: Marine Science & Biology. University of Miami (1998)

Research Interests/Area

I’m a theoretical ecologist.  I use various types of mathematical and computer simulation models to ask questions like: “When should trait X be advantageous to an organism?” or “How should phenomenon X affect the properties of an ecological community?”  My interests include ecological networks, ecological/evolutionary game theory, behaviorally-mediated species interactions, mutualism/cooperation, plant competition, and plant-soil feedbacks. 

I’ve been especially excited lately to apply hypergraphs – a powerful and versatile framework that is new to ecology – to the study of complex ecological networks.  Conventional analyses of ecological network structure are restricted to considering strictly pairwise relationships.  This omits many crucially important effects, such as those associated with adaptive behaviors or habitat modifications.  Hypergraphs remove this restriction, and promise to greatly expand our ability to study the roles of such phenomena in nature. 

Selected Publications

(for more see my profiles on Scopus, Google Scholar, and Research Gate)

  • Golubski AJ, Westlund EE, Vandermeer J, & Pascual M. 2016. Ecological networks over the edge: hypergraph trait-mediated indirect interaction (TMII) structure. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31: 344-354. 
  • Golubski AJ, O’ Connell NS, Schwartz JA, & Ellermeyer SF. 2014. A ‘crying wolf’ game of interspecific kleptoparasitic mutualism. Biology Letters 10: 20140073.
  • Kamran-Disfani AR & Golubski AJ. 2013. Lateral cascade of indirect effects in food webs with different types of adaptive behavior. Journal of Theoretical Biology 339: 58-69.
  • Golubski AJ & Abrams PA. 2011. Modifying modifiers: what happens when interspecific interactions interact? Journal of Animal Ecology 80: 1097-1108.​​​​​​​
  • Golubski AJ & Klausmeier CA. 2010. Control in mutualisms: combined implications of partner choice and bargaining roles. Journal of Theoretical Biology 267: 535-545.​​​​​​​
  • Golubski AJ, Gross KL, & Mittelbach GG. 2008. Competition among plant species that interact with their environment at different spatial scales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 275: 1897-1906.